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Discovery is the University of Dundee's online collection of published research material. Search online for articles, books, conference papers, research theses and other material - many of which are openly available as full text. It is easy to find new research material, and easy to deposit your own work to make it more widely available.

Discovery is a valuable source of research material for students, researchers and the public.

Latest News

  • Student athletes get set for season ahead


    Around 300 University of Dundee athletes from 25 sports will this weekend return from the summer holiday early to begin a six-day training camp designed to get them in peak physical condition ahead of the new season. The Warm-Up Week runs from Saturday 5th until Thursday, 10th September and will see the students take part in sport-specific training...
  • Droning on – University entrepreneur aims for world record


    A University of Dundee-based entrepreneur is aiming to set a new world record by sending a drone on the longest ever hydrogen-powered flight for an unmanned aircraft. Trias Gkikopoulos, from Greece, is a researcher in Life Sciences at the University but he also has a passion for aviation and is a keen pilot as well as a designer of small aircraft....

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From September 2009 onwards an electronic copy of all University of Dundee research theses must be deposited by the author in Discovery, the University's repository.

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  • a global audience has access to your thesis
  • increased impact and citation of your work
  • your thesis has a persistent URL on a reliable, academic website
  • your thesis is visible in Google and other search services

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Sonic Screwdriver Tightens up Fundamental Physics

When the scriptwriters for Doctor Who imagined a futuristic device, they came up with the Sonic Screwdriver. Now a team of physicists at the University of Dundee have taken equipment designed for MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery and demonstrated a real Sonic Screwdriver - lifting and spinning a free-floating 10 cm diameter rubber disk with an ultrasound beam.

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