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Jonathan Mendel

Jonathan Mendel

Jonathan Mendel

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My research is broadly in the areas of political and social geography, focusing in particular on:

  • Virtual war: the geopolitical implications of the US-led development and deployment of virtual technologies and techniques in military operations and related violence. My research takes the past two decades of conflict in Iraq as an example of how such techniques can function.
  • Networked conflict: the development of networked ways of fighting that have allowed resistance to US-led and UK forces to persist, despite the technological advantages of these forces. My research analyses the long history of insurgency in Afghanistan as an example of the efficacy of such networked structures.
  • Online networks: the implications of various uses of ICTs for organisation and activism. I am beginning to analyse how such networks can contribute to the communication of research and the opportunities they offer for political activism.
  • Theory: the contribution of poststructuralist, (post)marxist and military theory to our understanding of conflict, networks and geopolitics.


I teach on the following modules:

Level 1

  • A World Of Plenty? Environment, The City And Society

Level 2

  • Dynamic Human Worlds: Society, Culture, Economy

Honours-level undergraduate

  • Cities: People, Places And Conflict
  • Research Methods in Human Geography


  • Questionnaire Design And Qualitative Methods
  • Theory Research Skills In Social Sciences

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