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Jonathan Mendel

Jonathan Mendel

Jonathan Mendel

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My research is broadly in the areas of political and social geography, focusing in particular on:

  • Online networks, communities and spaces: the implications of these spaces for communication, organisation and activism. Recent foci include science blogging and human trafficking.
  • Policing, crime, data and policy: changes to crime, policing and law enforcement, alongside broader debates about evidence, policy and data analysis.
  • Conflict: the development and deployment of different ways of fighting, from the networked warfare of Afghan insurgency through to the 'war on terror' and urban warfare.


I teach on the following modules:

Level 1

  • A World Of Plenty? Environment, The City And Society

Level 2

  • Dynamic Human Worlds: Society, Culture, Economy

Honours-level undergraduate

  • Cities: People, Places And Conflict
  • Research Methods in Human Geography


  • Questionnaire Design And Qualitative Methods
  • Theory Research Skills In Social Sciences

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