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Matt Graham

Matt Graham

Matt Graham

Lecturer (Teaching and Research)

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My research interests encompass several different aspects of Southern African history and politics, from 1945 to the present day. My main focus is on African liberation movements, decolonisation, and post-colonial governance. I have conducted research in a number of areas including: the activities of national liberation movements such as the ANC and MPLA (Angola); the start of the Angolan Civil War (1974-1976); the influence of the Cold War and the interventions of the superpowers in the region; apartheid South Africa’s projection of military and political power in Southern Africa; the process of decolonisation and the transition to democracy, particularly in South Africa; and the global foreign policy interactions of South Africa led by the ANC government.


HU12001 - Globalising World

HY21003 - The Great War in History

HY32035 - Contemporary African History

HY31029 - Making History

HY41053 - Modern South Africa: Apartheid, Liberation Struggles and Democracy


HY51014 - Approaches to Twentieth Century Britain

HY52006 - History Skills and Sources

HY51027 - Global Empires



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