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Sue Black

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Deputy Principal for Public Engagement

Director of CAHID

Certified Forensic Anthropologist.


My research is multidisciplinary, covering a wide variety of subjects including the detailed gross, microscopic and biomolecular analysis of adult and juvenile  remains to establish all aspects of biological and personal identity including the sex, age at death, and disease and trauma status of the individual. We are working on some new and exciting multidisciplinary approaches to identification all underpinned by anatomical information and understanding.

Current and recent MSc projects:

  • Grant Thomson: Body recovery from hostile environments (graduated 2011)
  • Briony MacDonald-MacMillan: Surface markings in hand identification (graduated 2011)
  • Katie Nicol Baines: Knuckle creases in hand identification
  • Nigel Humphreys: Forensic matching centres

Current and recent PhD projects:

Other projects:

  • ISEC - Innovation in forensic anatomical identification - combating the sexual exploitation of children. DrHelen MeadowsEilidh FergusonHarriet Stratton
  • Dr J BikkerFP7 grant – FASTID.  Partners Interpol, PlassdataFraunhoffer Institute, BKA and Crabbe Consulting
  • Dr Roos Eisma: Remote forensic anthropology reporting
  • Dr Craig Cunningham: Micro CT and the developing ilium
  • Prof Manuel Trucco: Hand image automation
  • Dr Niamh NicDaeid (Strathclyde): Fatal fire investigations – SUII grant
  • Prof Fiona Raitt, Prof Pamela Ferguson, Prof Colin Aiken, Forensic Regulator: Scots law of evidence – relevance to the digital age – SUII grant
  • Universities of Southampton, Warwick, Leicester, Bath and Canterbury: Investigation of super identity.EPSRC grant.
  • Prof Andreas Melzer (IMSAT): Thiel cadavers as a model for interventional radiology procedures (MRC-DPFS funded project)


I try to lecture at all levels of our different programmes but tend to concentrate more heavily on Honours' and Master's teaching.


Deputy Principal for Public Engagement



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