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Fibromyalgia and us

Fibromyalgia and us: Living with fibromyalgia

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  • Divya Jindal-Snape
  • Andrew Keiller
  • Lynn Kelly
  • Judith Langlands-Scott
  • Christopher Murray
  • Anj Snape
  • Jonathan B. Snape
  • Nik Snape
  • Freddie Warden
  • Bryan Whittingham
  • Elliot Balson (Artist)
  • Zu Dominiak (Artist)
  • Damon Herd (Artist)
  • Rebecca Horner (Artist)
  • Ashling Larkin (Artist)
  • Norrie Millar (Artist)
  • Helen Robinson (Artist)
  • Letty Wilson (Artist)

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Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Dundee
Number of pages36
StatePublished - Nov 2017


A pain clinic psychologist recently said to me that more needs to be done to raise the awareness of health care professionals about fibromyalgia. With some progress in research, there is a better understanding of fibromyalgia compared to what it was even two years ago. However, whether your own doctor, physiotherapist or other professionals understand this complex condition, still feels like a lottery. So one day lying in bed, with a fibromyalgia flare up, I started thinking of creating a comic about it. I fired off emails to a few people who all thankfully came on board.

This comic has been designed with the purpose of raising awareness of fibromyalgia amongst professionals, families, and communities. it illustrates the ongoing life transitions of those who have fibromyalgia as well as its impact on significant others. it highlights the importance of a strong support network to enable people to adapt to the multiple transitions triggered by fibromyalgia and flourish despite its substantial challenging consequences.


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  • Final Published Version

    Final published version, 106 MB, PDF-document

    Fibromyalgia and Us, December 2017, published by UniVerse, the University of Dundee, Perth Road, Dundee, Scotland, UK.
    Production by Rebecca Horner of Ink Pot Studio. All Rights Reserved. All work created for Fibromyalgia and Us is © University of Dundee. No reprinting without the permission of the creators is permitted.
    This comic is available in an electronic format at and can be printed and used for educational and non-commercial purposes with due citation.

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