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Novel Ligands for a Purine Riboswitch Discovered by RNA-Ligand Docking

Novel Ligands for a Purine Riboswitch Discovered by RNA-Ligand Docking

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  • Peter Daldrop
  • Francis E. Reyes
  • David A. Robinson
  • Colin M. Hammond
  • David M. Lilley
  • Robert T. Batey
  • Ruth Brenk

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Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
JournalChemistry & Biology
Journal publication date25 Mar 2011
Journal number3


The increasing number of RNA crystal structures enables a structure-based approach to the discovery of new RNA-binding ligands. To develop the poorly explored area of RNA-ligand docking, we have conducted a virtual screening exercise for a purine riboswitch to probe the strengths and weaknesses of RNA-ligand docking. Using a standard protein-ligand docking program with only minor modifications, four new ligands with binding affinities in the micromolar range were identified, including two compounds based on molecular scaffolds not resembling known ligands. RNA-ligand docking performed comparably to protein-ligand docking indicating that this approach is a promising option to explore the wealth of RNA structures for structure-based ligand design.


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