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  1. Littoral 2002 - 6th International Symposium on Coastal Zone Research, Management and Planning

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

  2. Seventh Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)

    John Rowan (Participant), 3 Apr 20059 Apr 2005

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

  3. RSPSoc 2012: Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society

    Mark Cutler (Participant), 12 Sep 201214 Sep 2012

    Activity: Conference participationParticipation in conference

  4. Ph.D. External Examiner

    Mark Cutler (Examiner), 26 Nov 2012

    Activity: External academic engagementResearch and Teaching at External Organisation

  5. Invited panel member: Human Modified Tropical Forest programme

    Mark Cutler (Member), 21 May 2013

    Activity: External academic engagementMembership of peer review panel or committee

  6. Executive Committee

    Activity: External academic engagementContribution to the work of national or international committees and working groups

  7. Committee of Management

    Activity: Business and communityWork on advisory panel to industry or government or non-government organisation

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