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  1. An empirical comparison of joint and stratified frameworks for studying G x E interactions: systolic blood pressure and smoking in the CHARGE gene-lifestyle interactions working group

    Sung, Y. J. , Winkler, T. W. , Manning, A. K. , Aschard, H. , Gudnason, V. , Harris, T. B. , Smith, A. V. , Boerwinkle, E. , Brown, M. R. , Morrison, A. C. , Fornage, M. , Lin, L. A. , Richard, M. , Bartz, T. M. , Psaty, B. M. , Hayward, C. , Polasek, O. , Marten, J. , Rudan, I. , Feitosa, M. F. & 38 others Kraja, A. T., Province, M. A., Deng, X., Fisher, V. A., Zhou, Y., Bielak, L. F., Smith, J., Huffman, J. E., Padmanabhan, S., Smith, B. H., Ding, J., Liu, Y., Lohman, K., Bouchard, C., Rankinen, T., Rice, T. K., Arnett, D., Schwander, K., Guo, X., Palmas, W., Rotter, J. I., Alfred, T., Bottinger, E. P., Loos, R. J. F., Amin, N., Franco, O. H., van Duijn, C. M., Vojinovic, D., Chasman, D. I., Ridker, P. M., Rose, L. M., Kardia, S., Zhu, X., Rice, K., Borecki, I. B., Rao, D. C., Gauderman, W. J. & Cupples, L. A. Jul 2016 In : Genetic Epidemiology. 40, 5, p. 404-415 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation improves walking performance in patients with intermittent claudication

    Seenan, C., McSwiggan, S., Roche, P. A., Tan, C-W., Mercer, T. & Belch, J. J. F. Jul 2016 In : European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 31, 4, p. 323-330 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Educational class inequalities in the incidence of coronary heart disease in Europe

    Veronesi, G. , Ferrario, M. M. , Kuulasmaa, K. , Bobak, M. , Chambless, L. E. , Salomaa, V. , Soderberg, S. , Pajak, A. , Jørgensen, T. , Amouyel, P. , Arveiler, D. , Drygas, W. , Ferrieres, J. , Giampaoli, S. , Kee, F. , Iacoviello, L. , Malyutina, S. , Peters, A. , Tamosiunas, A. , Tunstall-Pedoe, H. & 1 others Cesana, G. 15 Jun 2016 In : Heart. 102, 12, p. 958-965 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Does advancing male age influence the expression levels and localisation patterns of phospholipase C zeta (PLCζ) in human sperm?

    Yeste, M., Jones, C., Amdani, S. N., Yelumalai, S., Mounce, G., Martins da Silva, S. J., Child, T. & Coward, K. 8 Jun 2016 In : Scientific Reports. 6, p. 1-9 9 p., 27543

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. A genome-wide association study identifies variants in KCNIP4 associated with ACE inhibitor-induced cough

    Mosley, J. D. , Shaffer, C. M. , Van Driest, S. L. , Weeke, P. E. , Wells, Q. S. , Karnes, J. H. , Velez Edwards, D. R. , Wei, W-Q. , Teixeira, P. L. , Bastarache, L. , Crawford, D. C. , Li, R. , Manolio, T. A. , Bottinger, E. P. , McCarty, C. A. , Linneman, J. G. , Brilliant, M. H. , Pacheco, J. A. , Thompson, W. , Chisholm, R. L. & 27 others Jarvik, G. P., Crosslin, D. R., Carrell, D. S., Baldwin, E., Ralston, J., Larson, E. B., Grafton, J., Scrol, A., Jouni, H., Kullo, I. J., Tromp, G., Borthwick, K. M., Kuivaniemi, H., Carey, D. J., Ritchie, M. D., Bradford, Y., Verma, S. S., Chute, C. G., Veluchamy, A., Siddiqui, M., Palmer, C. N. A., Doney, A., MahmoudPour, S. H., Maitland-van der Zee, A. H., Morris, A. D., Denny, J. C. & Roden, D. M. Jun 2016 In : Pharmacogenomics Journal. 16, 3, p. 231-237 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. Genome-wide analysis of over 106  000 individuals identifies 9 neuroticism-associated loci

    Smith, D. J. , Escott-Price, V. , Davies, G. , Bailey, M. E. S. , Colodro-Conde, L. , Ward, J. , Vedernikov, A. , Marioni, R. , Cullen, B. , Lyall, D. , Hagenaars, S. P. , Liewald, D. C. M. , Luciano, M. , Gale, C. R. , Ritchie, S. J. , Hayward, C. , Nicholl, B. , Bulik-Sullivan, B. , Adams, M. , Couvy-Duchesne, B. & 12 others Graham, N., Mackay, D., Evans, J., Smith, B. H., Porteous, D. J., Medland, S. E., Martin, N. G., Holmans, P., McIntosh, A. M., Pell, J. P., Deary, I. J. & O'Donovan, M. C. Jun 2016 In : Molecular Psychiatry. 21, 6, p. 749-757 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. Management of primary hypothyroidism: statement by the British Thyroid Association Executive Committee

    Okosieme, O., Gilbert, J., Abraham, P., Boelaert, K., Dayan, C., Gurnell, M., Leese, G., McCabe, C., Perros, P., Smith, V., Williams, G. & Vanderpump, M. Jun 2016 In : Clinical Endocrinology. 84, 6, p. 799-808 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. Exosome-mediated transfer from the tumor microenvironment increases TGFβ signaling in squamous cell carcinoma

    Languino, L. R., Singh, A., Prisco, M., Inman, G. J., Luginbuhl, A., Curry, J. M. & South, A. P. 30 May 2016 In : American Journal of Translational Research. 8, 5, p. 2432-2437 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  9. Connexin30.2: In vitro interaction with connexin36 in hela cells and expression in AII amacrine cells and intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cells in the mouse retina

    Meyer, A., Tetenborg, S., Greb, H., Segelken, J., Dorgau, B., Weiler, R., Hormuzdi, S. G., Janssen-Bienhold, U. & Dedek, K. 27 May 2016 In : Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 9, MAY, 17 p., 36

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  10. Thyroxine replacement: a clinical endocrinologist’s viewpoint

    Eligar, V., Taylor, P. N., Okosieme, O. E., Leese, G. P. & Dayan, C. M. 27 May 2016 In : Annals of Clinical Biochemistry. 53, 4, p. 421-433 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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