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  1. Scientists Discover New Genetic Mutation Linked to Eczema

    6/11/13: (Online) (Online) (Online)

    Press clipping: Research

  2. Blood test reveals skin cancer spread

    4/11/13: (Online) (newspaper) (Newspaper) (Online) (Online) (newspaper) (Online) (Online) (Online) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (newspaper) (Newspaper)

    Press clipping: Research

  3. 2.6 million Euros 'ReDVA' project to combat failure of kidney dialysis vascular access

    1/11/13: (newspaper) (Newspaper) (Online)

    Press clipping: Research

  4. Moderate to vigorous exercise boosts teens' academic performance

    22/10/13: (TV) (TV) (Radio) (Radio) (Radio) (Radio) (Radio) (Radio) (Online) (newspaper) (Online) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Online) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Online) (Online) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Online)

    Press clipping: Research

  5. Anthology celebrates collaboration between scientists, writers and artists

    30/09/13: (newspaper) (Newspaper)

    Press clipping: Teaching

  6. Scientists challenge meaning of biodiversity

    26/09/13: (Online) (newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (Newspaper) (TV) (Newspaper) (Radio) (Radio) (Radio) (Newspaper)

    Press clipping: Research

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