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  1. DNA repair factor APLF is a histone chaperone

    Mehrotra, P. V., Ahel, D., Ryan, D. P., Weston, R., Wiechens, N., Kraehenbuehl, R., Owen-Hughes, T. & Ahel, I. 7 Jan 2011 In : Molecular Cell. 41, 1, p. 46-55 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. Docking-dependent ubiquitination of the interferon regulatory factor-1 tumor suppressor protein by the ubiquitin ligase CHIP

    Narayan, V., Pion, E., Landré, V., Müller, P. & Ball, K. L. 7 Jan 2011 In : Journal of Biological Chemistry. 286, 1, p. 607-619 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. Meta-analysis of Dense Genecentric Association Studies Reveals Common and Uncommon Variants Associated with Height

    Lanktree, M. B. , Guo, Y. , Murtaza, M. , Glessner, J. T. , Bailey, S. D. , Onland-Moret, N. C. , Lettre, G. , Ongen, H. , Rajagopalan, R. , Johnson, T. , Shen, H. , Nelson, C. P. , Klopp, N. , Baumert, J. , Padmanabhan, S. , Pankratz, N. , Pankow, J. S. , Shah, S. , Taylor, K. & 177 others Barnard, J., Peters, B. J., Maloney, C. M., Lobmeyer, M. T., Stanton, A., Zafarmand, M. H., Romaine, S. P. R., Mehta, A., van Iperen, E. P. A., Gong, Y., Price, T. S., Smith, E. N., Kim, C. E., Li, Y. R., Asselbergs, F. W., Atwood, L. D., Bailey, K. M., Bhatt, D., Bauer, F., Behr, E. R., Bhangale, T., Boer, J. M. A., Boehm, B. O., Bradfield, J. P., Brown, M., Braund, P. S., Burton, P. R., Carty, C., Chandrupatla, H. R., Chen, W., Connell, J., Dalgeorgou, C., de Boer, A., Drenos, F., Elbers, C. C., Fang, J. C., Fox, C. S., Frackelton, E. C., Fuchs, B., Furlong, C. E., Gibson, Q., Gieger, C., Goe, A., Grobbee, D. E., Hastie, C., Howard, P. J., Huang, G-H., Johnson, W. C., Li, Q., Kleber, M. E., Klein, B. E. K., Klein, R., Kooperberg, C., Ky, B., LaCroix, A., Lanken, P., Lathrop, M., Li, M., Marshal, V., Melander, O., Mentch, F. D., Meyer, N. J., Monda, K. L., Montpetit, A., Murugesan, G., Nakayama, K., Nondah, D., Onipinla, A., Rafelt, S., Newhouse, S. J., Otieno, F. G., Patel, S. R., Putt, M. E., Rodriguez, S., Safa, R. N., Sawyer, D. B., Schreiner, P. J., Simpson, C., Sivapalaratnam, S., Srinivasan, S. R., Suver, C., Swergold, G., Sweitzer, N. K., Thomas, K. A., Thorand, B., Timpson, N. J., Tischfield, S., Tobin, M., Tomaszweski, M., Verschuren, W. M. M., Wallace, C., Winkelmann, B., Zhang, H., Zheng, D., Zhang, L., Zmuda, J. M., Clarke, R., Balmforth, A. J., Danesh, J., Day, I. N., Schork, N. J., de Bakker, P. I. W., Delles, C., Duggan, D., Hingorani, A. D., Hirschhorn, J. N., Hofker, M. H., Humphries, S. E., Kivimaki, M., Lawlor, D. A., Kottke-Marchant, K., Mega, J. L., Mitchell, B. D., Morrow, D. A., Palmen, J., Redline, S., Shields, D. C., Shuldiner, A. R., Sleiman, P. M., Smith, G. D., Farrall, M., Jamshidi, Y., Christiani, D. C., Casas, J. P., Hall, A. S., Doevendans, P. A., Christie, J. D., Berenson, G. S., Murray, S. S., Illig, T., Dorn, G. W., Cappola, T. P., Boerwinkle, E., Sever, P., Rader, D. J., Reilly, M. P., Caulfield, M., Talmud, P. J., Topol, E., Engert, J. C., Wang, K., Dominiczak, A., Hamsten, A., Curtis, S. P., Silverstein, R. L., Lange, L. A., Sabatine, M. S., Trip, M., Saleheen, D., Peden, J. F., Cruickshanks, K. J., Maerz, W., O'Connell, J. R., Klungel, O. H., Wijmenga, C., Maitland-van der Zee, A. H., Schadt, E. E., Johnson, J. A., Jarvik, G. P., Papanicolaou, G. J., Watkins, H., Grant, S. F. A., Munroe, P. B., North, K. E., Samani, N. J., Koenig, W., Gaunt, T. R., Anand, S. S., van der Schouw, Y. T., Kumari, M., Soranzo, N., FitzGerald, G. A., Reiner, A., Hegele, R. A., Hakonarson, H., Keating, B. J. & Whitehall II Study, WHII 50K Grp, PROCARDIS 7 Jan 2011 In : American Journal of Human Genetics. 88, 1, p. 6-18 13 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Mice with AS160/TBC1D4-Thr649Ala Knockin Mutation Are Glucose Intolerant with Reduced Insulin Sensitivity and Altered GLUT4 Trafficking

    Chen, S., Wasserman, D. H., MacKintosh, C. & Sakamoto, K. 5 Jan 2011 In : Cell Metabolism. 13, 1, p. 68-79 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Characteristics of patients dying within 30 days of diagnosis of breast or colorectal cancer in Scotland, 2003-2007

    Brewster, D. H., Clark, D. I., Stockton, D. L., Munro, A. J. & Steele, R. 4 Jan 2011 In : British Journal of Cancer. 104, 1, p. 60-67 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  6. Mild oxidative stress activates Nrf2 in astrocytes, which contributes to neuroprotective ischemic preconditioning

    Bell, K. F., Al-Mubarak, B., Fowler, J. H., Baxter, P. S., Gupta, K., Tsujita, T., Chowdhry, S., Patani, R., Chandran, S., Horsburgh, K., Hayes, J. D. & Hardingham, G. E. 4 Jan 2011 In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 108, 1, p. E1-E2 2 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

  7. "It's just a clash of cultures": emotional talk within medical students' narratives of professionalism dilemmas

    Monrouxe, L. V. & Rees, C. E. 1 Jan 2011 In : Advances in Health Sciences Education. p. 1-31 31 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  8. A cross-country analysis of IFRS reconciliation statements

    Fifield, S., Finningham, G., Fox, A., Power, D. & Veneziani, M. 1 Jan 2011 In : Journal of Applied Accounting Research. 12, 1, p. 26-42 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  9. A motion simulation and biomechanical analysis of the shoulder joint using a whole human model

    Sen, S., Abboud, R., Wang, W., Ming, D., Wan, B., Liao, Y. & Gong, Q. 1 Jan 2011 Proceedings - 2011 4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, BMEI 2011. Ding, Y., Peng, Y., Shi, R., Hao, K. & Wang, L. (eds.). IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 4, p. 2322-2326 5 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingOther chapter contribution

  10. A reduced-form model for dynamic efficiency measurement: Application to dairy farms in Germany and the Netherlands

    Emvalomatis, G., Stefanou, S. E. & Oude Lansink, A. 1 Jan 2011 In : American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 93, 1, p. 161-174 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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