A Nongkrong (hangout) Class: Forming a Speculative Collective

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    In this latest version of Gudskul’s knowledge-sharing and mapping exercises, participants are invited to form a ‘Speculative Collective’. Using a format which Gudskul have employed in many iterations around the world, this workshop takes the simple format of a class. Borne from research around the supply and demand of knowledge, the space of the ‘classroom’ is used as a performative tool to explore collectivising ‘know-how’ through direct practice. This participatory event invites strangers to meet, converse and share what they consider to be ‘knowledge’ by occupying the roles of both teacher and student in a quick to-and-fro. Gudskul recognise that in their collective they have a resource of knowledge from their members, and this is what has allowed Gudskul to survive and change. For them, Gudskul is truly a school: a speculative collective.

    This workshop forms part of The Ignorant Art School Sit-in Curriculum #2.
    Period9 Dec 2022
    Event titleA Nongkrong (hangout) Class: Forming a Speculative Collective
    Event typeWorkshop
    Degree of RecognitionInternational


    • Radical Pedagogy
    • alternative education
    • Alternative Creative Pedagogy
    • curating
    • contemporary art curating
    • contemporary art
    • knowledge exchange