A Stillness Class: The Consciousness of Doing

    Activity: Other activity typesPublic engagement and outreach - festival/exhibition


    A talk followed by a workshop in which participants will put theory into practice through a creative exercise in shifting perspectives.

    This session invites participants to enter new territories of inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural thinking, in order to answer the question, ‘can external revolution be effective while we remain internally unchanged?’

    Core ideas will be introduced from four geographically and temporally distinct world views spanning millennia: Advaitya Vedanta, Yoruba Cosmology, Bhaskar’s metaRealism (which extends but deviates from Critical Realism), and J.Krishnamurti’s iconoclastic “first and last revolution”.* These philosophies are vast, complex, and distinct. They share however, an expectation of humanity that we can readily grasp: that we have agency and that our actions, when moderated by self-knowledge, can enable more equitable societies and a sensible relationship with nature.

    *Origins: Advaitya Vedanta - South Asia c. 700 BCE; Yoruba philosophy -West Africa c. 400 BCE; Critical Realism/metaRealism- U.K. 1975/ 2000; J.Krishnamurti- India 1929.

    This workshop forms part of The Ignorant Art School Sit-in Curriculum #2.

    Period12 Jan 2022
    Event titleA Stillness Class: The Consciousness of Doing
    Event typeWorkshop


    • alternative art education
    • curating
    • Radical Pedagogy
    • art education
    • decolonisation
    • knowledge exchange
    • anti-racism