Designing and reporting research that will get published and inform decision making

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Workshop Goals
Health-related quality of life (HRQL) research has developed into a highly interdisciplinary field, embracing a wide variety of methodologies and applied contexts. It has therefore become increasingly difficult for researchers and practitioners to navigate this landscape when planning their own research agendas and projects. This workshop aims to help investigators: (i) understand the core methodological standards for health outcomes research; (ii) outline common researcher pitfalls that delay or prevent their research from being published and their solutions; and iii) know about resources that support the development of such research and publications.

The workshop will provide an overview of key considerations for doing good HRQL/PRO research, exploring theoretical and practical issues such as attention to the objectives, research methods, measures, and statistical analysis during protocol development, considerations during study conduct to ensure quality PRO data, and clearly and effectively presenting results to aidinterpretation.
The workshop will rely on practical and interactive group work, utilising existing guidelines andresources developed to help navigate the use of PROs in clinical trials and clinical practice and tosupport good scientific practice. As an additional pragmatic perspective to help identify avoidableinappropriate conduct and dissemination of research, we will introduce concepts from the“research waste” literature, covering formulating research questions, quality research methods,adequacy of publication practices, and quality of research reports.
The later part of the workshop will be organised as a research clinic, drawing on methods used in research speed dating and for concept development. Participants will each pitch an idea and concern area. Depending on where participants are at in the research process, we will work towards either turning ideas into a research study or answering specific questions.
Period18 Oct 2023
Event titleInternational Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) 30th Annual Conference: 30 Years of ISOQOL: Quality of Life – making it relevant
Event typeConference
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