Health Futures Workshop

Activity: Other activity typesPublic engagement and outreach - public lecture/debate/seminar


This project focusses on bringing young people, the beneficiaries of future healthcare, into crucial conversations around health and care systems and services. Given our increasingly ageing population, together with rising treatment costs, it is critical that future healthcare services can meet healthcare needs, which are likely to be multiple, complex, and unique to individuals.

Founded in human-centred and speculative design approaches, this project aims to empower young people to both connect with issues of health and contribute to ongoing discussions and decision-making that will affect the future of the healthcare environment in Scotland. The project rests in the 4P medicine model for healthcare that combines prevention, detection and treatment of illness using an integrative and holistic approach.

Each of the 4Ps refers to an important feature of the model:
1. Predictive - the expectation that most disease risk and onset can be anticipated using data
2. Preventative - aiming to prevent or delay the onset of chronic illness by supporting healthy
lifestyle changes, and early intervention for those who are pre-disposed to diseases development
3. Personalised - providing healthcare that is tailored to the individual
4. Participatory - health-care users are involved in decision-making

This project brings together specialists in speculative design, participatory design, medicine and public engagement and health psychology with young people aged 12 - 15 from across the city of Dundee, Scotland, to engage in two creative workshops to discover what is, and will be, important to young people for effective engagement with the healthcare system.
PeriodApr 2024Jun 2024
Held atCentral Library Dundee, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionLocal