Kirkton Family Fun Day

Activity: Other activity typesPublic engagement and outreach - festival/exhibition


A family fun day event held at Kirkton Community Centre alongside a community consultation. Around 200 people (mainly families with young children) attended the 3 hour event with most remaining for long durations to visit the various activities. Staff and students (undergrad and postgrad) from across the University participated including representation from the Schools of Business, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering (CAHID and LRCFS), Humanities, Social Sciences and Law (Geography, Psychology), and Dentistry.

Feedback from the visitors included:

“Amazing to see just how much the University does.”
“Thank you for bringing this event to us.”
“We had no idea that the University covered all these areas.”
“I think I will make a good dentist – I pulled the tooth out so well.”
“I liked playing the branding game, I beat my Dad!”
“I learnt that Yazoo has a lot of sugar in it, so will not buy that for my children as much anymore.”
“I have struggled to find a dentist for me and my husband for over 10 years and finally I have signed up to one here!”
“The brain is awesome.”
“It’s great to see these events happening in our community.”
“I can jump higher than my mum!”

Other Staff and Student Presenters: Caitlin Beresford, Craig Halley, Abbi Rodley, Ruby Armstrong, Ruby Soldan, Sophie Craig, Emily Morrison, Sophie Durrant, Molly Dickson, Emma Copley, Cameron Virdee, Molly Mcghee McGhee, Conall Scott, Andrew McDermott, Lucas Gappmayr, Nadiia Pulkas
Period20 Apr 2024
Degree of RecognitionLocal