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    PERIFERIAS is a biannual online publication from Maria and Joao Aleixo Institute (IMJA) and is a vehicle for critical dialogue d exchange between social activists, artists, policy makers and academics interested in the production of critical and pluralistic thinking on the right to the city, with a focus on contemporary urban peripheries.
    PERIFERIAS aims to encourage critiques, reflections, recommendations and actions that question the premises and concepts that reinforce stereotypes and processes of oppression of socio-symbolically marginalised groups. Additionally, PERIFERIAS proposes to discuss the power of the peripheries to affirm their rights to democratic coexistence in urban space in its plurality and processes of political, cultural, aesthetic and social expression.
    PERIFRIAS positions in the broader dimension of the ‘South’ (including the ‘South in the North’), and proposes to reflect the contemporary from the perspective of ‘South’ and ‘peripherical’ epistemologies. This does not mean a divide, but an attempt to place such epistemologies in a position to dispute hegemonies and challenge established forms of knowledge production and legitimation. As such, the publication adopts an alternative format to traditional academic journals, and challenges ranking-oriented publications by questioning the meaning of ‘excellence’. As such, the publication positions critically to the hegemonic models of knowledge production which have been legitimated in special by universities (bureaucratic formalism, hierarchization of knowledge; socio-intellectual distinctive practices; etc). In response to this, the publication looks at the incorporation of diverse paradigms in the production of knowledge, in particular those that acknowledge the potency of peripheries and propose critical responses to issues that affect marginalized groups. The promotion of cutting edge concepts, aesthetics and theorizations will be then, at the heart of PERIFERIAS.
    To achieve this, the publication incorporates multiple formats to accommodate different narratives of political struggle. As such, PERIFERIAS adopts a magazine format that brings together academic and non-academic languages. PERIFERIAS is dedicated to bringing together academic work, expressions from movements and legal and policy recommendations and creative innovation in order to promote narratives on the possibility of contemporary revolution.
    Period1 Oct 20161 Jan 2020
    Type of journalJournal
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