The Daffodil DNA Project Teachers Training Day 2022

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Provided experimental, sequencing and bioinformatics training to school teachers as part of the Daffodil DNA Project. A collaborative school-based research project involving secondary schools funded by the Royal Society.
The aim is to extract and sequence the chloroplast genome of various daffodil cultivars. Each school will sequence three different daffodil plants using Oxford Nanopore MinION. Jalview will be used to view, align and analyse the assembled genomes.
The project is a collaboration between the University of Dundee Education and Social Work, the University of Dundee Botanic Garden, the University of Dundee School of Life Sciences, the Royal Society, the James Hutton Institute as well as schools across Scotland supported by Jon Hale, a teacher on the Island of Jersey.
Period11 Nov 2022
Degree of RecognitionNational