Typemotion. Type as Image in Motion. Themed exhibition includes two works by Partridge: Sentences (1988-1993), The Sounds of These Words (1989); Easy Piece (1974).

  • Stephen Partridge (Contributor)

    Activity: Other activity typesPublic engagement and outreach - festival/exhibition


    The exhibition TYPEMOTION presents 159 outstanding examples of Schriftfilme//Typemotion Films from more than sixteen countries, including twelve works of art by Taiwanese artist, dating from 1897 to the present. The exhibition focuses on artistic films, videos, and new media art works, but also includes feature films, title sequences, commercials, music videos and works from the computer demo scene. It is the very first time to introduce a grand international exhibition which focuese on writing and dynamic images in Taiwan. To highlight the particularity and artistry of Chinese characters and the mature development of new media and filmic art in Taiwan, twelve Taiwanese works are brought into the curitorial context, juxtaposed to reflect the contrasts between Schriftfilme//Typemotion Films in oriental and occidental cultures. This also features the main characteristiscs of TYPEMOTION. Type as Image in Motion exhibition in Taiwan. Through multiple digital possibilities, script can go beyond its function in the mediation of information and is increasingly gaining an autonomous, aesthetic status. Analog or digitally based films or film fragments are referred to as script films, whereby moving, animated, graphically designed and, above all, script set to sound play the main role. The exhibition "TYPEMOTION" leads to places in which we encounter moving script: artistic productions, but also feature films, advertising, music videos or media facades in cities. The project "TYPEMOTION" represents an attempt to compile, typologize and publically present classical popular as well as lesser noticed and frequently difficult to access script films from twenty countries dating from 1895 to the present. The exhibition enables visitors interactive access to script films: they can select the films and the kind of performance themselves. The exhibition is arranged as a mobile archive. The presentation at the ZKM provides insights into cultural and media developments, offers retrospectives and diagnosis of the present, but also outlooks into the media future, not least in the interactive media. The project "TYPEMOTION" is collaborative project between the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the Experimental Media Lab (xm:lab) at the Saar Academy of Fine Arts, FACT Foundation for Art and Creative Technology Liverpool and Goethe Institutes worldwide. The project was sponsored by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Artists Marc Adrian, David Alexander Anderson, John Baldessari, Lesley Barnes, Saul Bass, Yann Beauvais, Bessere Werbung, Kevin Blanc, Claus Blume, Mark Boswell, Stan Brakhage, Andreas Brehmer, Marcel Broodthaers, Egon Bunne, Alexander Chen / Philip Stockton, Bypass, Chic & Artistic, Chorus, Tony Cokes, Kyle Cooper, Ian Cross, Cryptoburners, Das Werk, Silvie und Chérif Defraoui, Dellbrügge & de Moll, Klaus Peter Dencker, Dog!film, Marcel Duchamp, Anna Duquennois, eachfilm, Thomas Alva Edison, Sergei M. Eisenstein, Simon Ellis, Harald Emami / Alexander Sturm / Nils Krieger, Equinox, Expanded Gramophone Project, Pablo Ferro, Victor Fleming, FluXus Heidelberg, Focus, Förderverein Pro Asyl e.V., Hollis Frampton, John Franz, Jochen Gerz, Terry Gilliam, Paul Glabicki, Peter Göltenboth, Anna Gollwitzer, Ian William Gouldstone, Andrew Gribble, Stephan Groß, Charly Gutierrez, H5, Orla Mc Hard, Oliver Harrison, Bertram Haude / Jens Volz, Dirk Hensiek, Kylie Hibbert, Gary Hill, Jonathan Hodgson, Jenny Holzer, Imaginary Forces, Isidore Isou, Jonas & François, Eduardo Kac, Dieter Kiessling, Jakob Kirchheim, Klub Zwei, Clemens Kogler, Tom Konyves, Florian Krautkrämer, Andreas Krein, Ferdinand Kriwet, Fritz Lang, Sebastian Lange, Diego M. Lascano, Valerie Laws, Fernand Léger, Maurice Lemaître, Jan Lenica, , Les LeVeque, Mathis Lex / Hannes Geiger, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Marcel L'Herbier, Len Lye, David Lynch, Alice Lyons, Black Maiden, Jung von Matt, Norman McLaren, Norbert Meissner, Ernö Metzner, MK12, Molotov Brothers, Antoni Muntadas, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Gaspar Noé, Neuro, Eiríkur Örn Nor?dahl, Northstar & Fairlight, Feargal Ómally, Dennis Oppenheim, Ottar Ormstad, Tony Oursler, Stephen Partridge, Kristian Pedersen, Nirit Peled, Dan Perri, Boris Petrovsky, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Daniel Pflumm, Phenomena, Jörg Piringer, Bretislav Pojar, Edwin. S. Porter, Joanna Priestley, reMI, RGA, Juan Romero, Peter Rose, Di(e)ter Rot(h), Gerhard Rühm, Eino Ruutsalo, Sanity, Esteban Sapir, Bruce Schluter, Ernst Schmidt jr., Stefan Schwerdtfeger, Scoopex, Guido Seeber / Julius Pinschewer, Richard Serra / Carlotta Schoolman, Paul Sharits, Hubert Sielecki, Edmund Skellings, Super Swap Sweden, Daniel Szczechura, Karo Szmit, Mika Taanila, Nik Thoenen, tisch-eins designstudio, Leo Burnett Toronto, Triumph, Timm Ulrichs, Stan Vanderbeek, Velvet Mediendesign, Vision, Johannes Vogt, Christian Weckerle, Paul Wegener, Peter Weibel, Susanne Wiegner, Robert Wiene, Kirsten Winter, Robert Wise, Run Wrake, Xakk
    Period21 Mar 201531 May 2015
    Held atNational Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , Taiwan, Province of China


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