Visualising DNA, RNA & Proteins Jalview Workbook (web-based schools activity)

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The Jalview team has taken advantage of Jalview’s easy-to-use interface to develop a variety of materials suitable for schools and home learning. The exercises are designed to let pupils view and interact with a selection of biological molecules. Encouraging pupils to explore fundamental biological concepts in an independent manner.

The ‘Visualising DNA, RNA & Proteins’ workbook contains 4 easy-to-run web-based bioinformatics projects that are aimed at 15-18 year-old secondary school pupils studying biology at Higher, Advanced Higher or A levels.
Project 1: single click exercises to view DNA & RNA sequences and 3D structures.
Project 2: single click exercise to view human myoglobin protein sequence and 3D structure, followed by an exercise that uses a similarity tree to compare the myoglobin sequences from different animals.
Project 3: single click exercises to view the sequences and 3D structures of proteins with a range of different biological functions.
Project 4: exercise to view the exons and introns in the HBB gene, and an exercise to identify the genetic mutation on the DNA that is linked to sickle cell anaemia, and its location on the 3D structure of haemoglobin protein.
Period30 Jun 2021