Academics back growing calls for a patients’ champion on eve of public inquiry into hospitals

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    Leading academics yesterday backed the Hear Our Voice campaign as the calls for a Scottish Patients’ Commissioner wins widening support.

     Professor Divya Jindal-Snape of Dundee University, chair of the inter-university Research Centre For Transformative Change, said: “In our research, young adults with complex health conditions and their families said their voice was not always heard and they felt disempowered. We also found some people experienced lack of voice in relation to invisible health conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

    “Illness and health conditions are challenging not only for the individual who is experiencing them but also their families. 

    “Despite the excellent service provided by NHS staff, if patients and families have a perception of not being heard, it is another challenge that is unnecessary and detrimental to the care they are receiving.

    “Voice and agency are crucial to people’s wellbeing. The appointment of a Patient’s Commissioner will be an important step towards listening to their voice, acting on it, and ensuring their psychological wellbeing,” she added.

    Period2 Aug 2020

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