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Concrete Durability


ISBN: 978-0-415-56475-5


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The importance of durability considerations for concrete is well known and this publication summarises the major physical and chemical mechanisms that affect the durability of concrete in a structured and easy-to-read manner. Explanation of the various mechanisms is concise but offers enough information to allow judgements and practical measures to optimise concrete performance.


As an up-to-date reference encompassing recent Standard changes this publication is useful to all parties concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of concrete structures, but is written in a literary style that makes it particularly suited to non-concrete specialists and graduate or postgraduate students. Mechanisms and procedures are clearly and comprehensively illustrated and explained with a particularly good use of graphs, tables, flowcharts and diagrams, which clarify well the chemical and mathematical background information.


The chapter relating to ‘Construction of durable concrete structures’ is relatively brief, though it does contain some useful information regarding relevant Standards and may be considered as an introduction to this area, rather than a strict guide to achieving durable construction.



The chapter concerned with ‘Serviceability, repair and maintenance of concrete structures’ is a welcome addition to books relating to durability as this aspect is often overlooked. The level of detail as to investigating structures and predicting future deterioration is sufficient to act as an initial guide, as are the sections relating to repair methods. Though again not comprehensive, there is enough to at least consider available options. It is suggested that within the assessment sections, more emphasis may have been given to core testing and the other common nondestructive testing methods and the information that these may provide.


Overall, this is a very useful publication covering a lot of ground in sufficient detail to allow reasoned discussion between parties on the topic of concrete durability. Though slightly academic in flavour, it supplies clear explanations of typical deterioration mechanisms and provides a structured approach to design, assessment and repair. A useful publication to the concrete professional and an essential summary for those studying concrete durability.

 Ian Heritage

The Concrete Society

 November 2015 Concrete

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