Book review of 'Concrete Durability', Sarah Gerrard and Edwin Trout, Concrete October 2015, pp12

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Concrete Durability
The increasing demand for structures to have long service lives and to need little maintenance, places more emphasis upon the durability of construction materials, which in turn becomes a subject of more concern to civil engineers. Those starting out in their construction careers are the intended audience of this book, whose author Tom Dyer is a lecturer at the division of civil engineering at the University of Dundee and a member of the university’s Concrete Technology Unit. He begins by discussing in detail all the physical and chemical mechanisms of concrete degradation and the process of steel reinforcement corrosion before addressing methods of achieving durability through specification and, in less detail, mix design. The last two chapters focus on enhancing durability by way of protective measures and the serviceability, appraisal and repair of concrete structures. Many tables, graphs, diagrams and equations are included throughout the text.

Period1 Oct 2015

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