Energy crisis lifeline: UK set to slash costs with 'revolutionary' floating wind turbines

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Now, these plans for a floating wind farm have been given a major boost as a Scottish University aims to “revolutionise” wind farms with this floating technology.

Experts from the University of Dundee are currently developing new anchoring technology and analysis techniques that they believe could help revolutionise floating wind farms by installing them deeper into the ocean.

Period17 Jun 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleEnergy crisis lifeline: UK set to slash costs with 'revolutionary' floating wind turbines
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    Media name/outletThe Express
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    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
    Descriptionn the Energy Security Strategy announced earlier this year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled major investments in offshore and onshore wind, nuclear, and North Sea natural gas. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has driven fossil fuel prices to record levels, generating renewable energy could help alleviate the crippling energy bills hitting UK households. Aside from developing conventional renewables and low carbon sources, Britain is also investing in the development of floating offshore wind farms, with a goal to generate 5GW of energy from this technology.
    Producer/AuthorAntony Ashkenaz
    PersonsMichael Brown, Andrew Brennan


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