Five projects awarded to Scottish Regional Safe Havens to simplify access to data

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Research Data Scotland (RDS) has funded five projects worth over £760,000 across Regional Safe Havens to help simplify systems, processes and services for the benefit of researchers and ultimately people living in Scotland.


The funding comes from a new Systems Development Fund, set up to take forward the RDS shared agenda for simplifying and aligning access to data, and improving data services for researchers.​

Professor Roger Halliday, Interim CEO of Research Data Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to fund these projects that share RDS’s vision to create the conditions for data-driven research and innovation to happen more systematically across Scotland.

“These projects will help researchers and users of data to identify common standards, test new approaches and help spread good practice to simplify access to data in a safe and secure way that ultimately save time, money and lives.”


Period28 Nov 2022

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Media coverage