Glaciers in Iceland continue to retreat

  • Kieran Baxter

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Coverage of glaciers in Iceland continuing to retreat as a consequence of a warming climate in the country.

Period20 Apr 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleGlaciers in Iceland continue to retreat
    Media name/outletIcelandic Meteorological Office
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    DescriptionThe mass balance of the Icelandic glaciers has been negative since 1995 with the exception of the year 2015 when it became positive for the first time in 20 years. The mass balance in 2016 was again negative by a similar magnitude as in recent years. The mass balance of Langjökull and Hofsjökull was again negative in 2017 whereas Vatnajökull was almost in balance. The glaciers have lost approximately 250 km3 of ice since 1995, which corresponds to ca. 7% of their total volume. Glaciers in Iceland have retreated rapidly for more than two decades and glacier downwasting is one of the most obvious consequences of a warming climate in the country.
    PersonsKieran Baxter