Good bacteria reduce cancer risk

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    Photo opportunity 12.30pm, Friday 23 January, Bonar Hall, University of Dundee, Park Place, Dundee.

    A Professor at the University of Dundee has said that 'good bacteria' as advertised by yogurt and dairy drinks companies on TV has massive health benefits and could significantly reduce cancer risks.

    Professor John Cummings' evidence has shown that probiotics and prebiotics reduce the risk of cancer by half in animals. He says it is possible that it would have the same effect in humans.

    Probiotics have already been shown to be effective in preventing diarrhoea, treating Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis and reducing the risk of eczema or asthma in babies after it was fed to expectant mothers.

    John Cummings will speak at the second of the University of Dundee's new Discovery Days tomorrow profiling the work of the University's newest professors.

    Seventeen of the University's latest professorial appointments will give a 15 minute synopsis of their research, ranging from Professor Mark Chaplain on mathematical modelling of cancer, Professor John Cummings on good bacteria, Professor Gary Fisher on events and sculpture and Professor Rose Barbour on obesity.

    Pupils from St John's High School, Dundee will be present tomorrow to hear one of their ex pupils, Professor Mark Chaplain give his inaugural professorial presentation. Professor Chaplain studied at St John's before starting his academic career at the University of Dundee as an undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral. Mark will be explaining how he applies mathematics to problems such as cancer. Sixth year mathematics pupils will hear Professor Chaplin's talk before they have lunch in the Students' Association.

    Mr Olksandr Tsvietkov, the Ukraine Consul General will also attend Discovery Days as part of his two day visit to Dundee. He will be University Principal's Sir Alan Langland's lunch guest tomorrow at Discovery Days and will attend the first afternoon session.

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