How Do Users, Communities and Regions Benefit from Coworking Spaces?

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"An interactive workshop was arranged on Friday 8th July led by Dr Seemab Farooqi and Dr Stephen Knox of the University of Dundee on the Can Do Collective. This workshop was part of the research project exploring the impact of co-working spaces on users, communities, and regions and was attended by key participants from Social Enterprise, Bright Red Triangle (Edinburgh Napier University), The Circle, The Melting Pot, Abertay University, Glasgow Collective, and Business Gateway. This workshop facilitated an engaging discussion with peers involved in the operations and community engagement of co-working spaces. They all contributed to the study by sharing our insights, practices, and some of the feedback they had captured from their users. This workshop provided an opportunity to inform the research project and contributed to the development of an impact assessment framework. At the same time, it also provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and an opportunity for networking. The next phase is the dissemination of research findings, and it is intended to host another workshop where key participants will be invited for knowledge exchange."

Period19 Dec 2022

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