‘Left Performance Histories at nGbK’, BLOK Magazine

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    Coverage of "Left Performance Histories" at nGbK in Berlin.

    Period5 Mar 2018

    Media coverage


    Media coverage

    • Title‘Left Performance Histories at nGbK’, BLOK Magazine
      Media name/outletBlok Magazine
      Media typeWeb
      DescriptionBlok contributors Dorian Batycka and Vanessa Gravenor present two complimentary takes on one exhibition: “Left Performance Histories” currently on view at nGbK in Berlin.
      Left Performance Histories and the Disembodied Witness by Dorian Batycka
      Giving A Face to the Archive, The Lecture Series of Left Performance Histories by Vanessa Gravenor
      Producer/AuthorDorian Batycka, Vanessa Gravenor
      PersonsJudit Bodor