The Ignorant Art School: Five Sit-ins towards Creative Emancipation

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    A preview on The Ignorant Art School public event, An Optimism Class in The Courier. 

    Period8 Apr 2021

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    Media contributions

    • TitleChanging the world through music – online jukebox raises funds for Big Noise Dundee
      Degree of recognitionNational
      Media name/outletThe Courier
      Media typeWeb
      Duration/Length/SizePermanent online
      Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
      DescriptionA preview on The Ignorant Art School public event–An Optimism Class. "An online jukebox of musicians will come together to perform songs of solidarity and struggle. It’s to raise funds for the children’s Big Noise Douglas Orchestra which is supported by Optimistic Sound, the charity established in memory of the late Michael Marra."
      Producer/AuthorLorraine Wilson
      PersonsSophia Hao