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Coordination Controlled Electrodeposition and Patterning of Layers of Palladium/Copper Nanoparticles on Top of a Self-Assembled Monolayer (dataset)

She, Z. (Creator), Yao, Z. (Creator), Menard, H. (Creator), Tobish, S. (Creator), Lahaye, D. (Creator), Champness, N. R. (Creator) & Buck, M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2019



Edible Plant Database

Woods, M. (Creator), Cobley, A. (Creator), Verrall, S. R. (Creator), Neilson, R. (Creator), van der Velden, N. (Creator), Hager, G. (Creator) & GROW Consortium (Creator), University of Dundee, May 2020