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  • The Qualitative Election Study of Britain 2017

    Carvalho, E. (Creator), Winters, K. (Creator) & Oliver, T. (Creator), University of Dundee, Dec 2017


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  • Coordination Controlled Electrodeposition and Patterning of Layers of Palladium/Copper Nanoparticles on Top of a Self-Assembled Monolayer (dataset)

    She, Z. (Creator), Yao, Z. (Creator), Menard, H. (Creator), Tobish, S. (Creator), Lahaye, D. (Creator), Champness, N. R. (Creator) & Buck, M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2019


  • VizieR Online Data Catalog Optical and IR photometry of OGLE-2017-BLG-0406 (Hirao+, 2020)

    Hirao, Y. (Creator), Bennett, D. P. (Creator), Ryu, Y. (Creator), Koshimoto, N. (Creator), Udalski, A. (Creator), Yee, J. C. (Creator), Sumi, T. (Creator), Bond, I. A. (Creator), Shvartzvald, Y. (Creator), Abe, F. (Creator), Barry, R. K. (Creator), Bhattacharya, A. (Creator), Fukui, A. (Creator), Itow, Y. (Creator), Kondo, I. (Creator), Alex Li, M. C. (Creator), Matsubara, Y. (Creator), Matsuo, T. (Creator), Miyazaki, S. (Creator), Muraki, Y. (Creator), Nagakane, M. (Creator), Ranc, C. (Creator), Rattenbury, N. J. (Creator), Suematsu, H. (Creator), Shibai, H. (Creator), Suzuki, D. (Creator), Tristram, P. J. (Creator), Yonehara, A. (Creator), Skowron, J. (Creator), Poleski, R. (Creator), Mroz, P. (Creator), Szymański, M. K. (Creator), Soszyński, I. (Creator), Kozłowski, S. (Creator), Pietrukowicz, P. (Creator), Ulaczyk, K. (Creator), Rybicki, K. A. (Creator), Iwanek, P. (Creator), Albrow, M. D. (Creator), Chung, S. (Creator), Gould, K. A. (Creator), Hwang, K. (Creator), Jung, Y. K. (Creator), Shin, I. (Creator), Zang, W. (Creator), Cha, S. (Creator), Lee, C. (Creator), Lee, Y. Y. (Creator), Park, B. (Creator), Pogge, R. W. (Creator), Beichman, C. A. (Creator), Bryden, G. (Creator), Calchi Novati, S. (Creator), Gaudi, B. S. (Creator), Zhu, W. (Creator), Bachelet, E. (Creator), Bolt, G. (Creator), Hundertmark, M. (Creator), Natusch, T. (Creator), Maoz, D. (Creator), Street, R. A. (Creator), Tan, T. (Creator), Tsapras, Y. (Creator), Jorgensen, U. G. (Creator), Dominik, M. (Creator), Bozza, V. (Creator), Skottfelt, J. F. (Creator), Snodgrass, C. (Creator), Ciceri, S. (Creator), Figuera Jaimes, R. (Creator), Peixinho, N. (Creator), Hinse, T. C. (Creator), Burgdorf, M. J. (Creator), Southworth, J. (Creator), Rahvar, S. (Creator), Sajadian, S. (Creator), Rabus, M. (Creator), von Essen, C. (Creator), Fujii, Y. I. (Creator), Campbell White, J. (Creator), Lowry, S. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), Mancini, L. (Creator), Haikala, L. K. (Creator) & Kandori, R. (Creator), Strasbourg Data Center, Nov 2020