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Myosin II-mediated cell shape changes and cell intercalation contribute to primitive streak formation.

Rozbicki, E. (Creator), Chuai, M. (Creator), Karjalainen, A. (Creator), Song, F. (Creator), Sang, H. M. (Creator), Martin, R. (Creator), Knolker, H. (Creator), MacDonald, M. (Creator) & Weijer, K. (Creator), University of Dundee, 2015



Edible Plant Database

Woods, M. (Creator), Cobley, A. (Creator), Verrall, S. R. (Creator), Neilson, R. (Creator), van der Velden, N. (Creator), Hager, G. (Creator) & GROW Consortium (Creator), University of Dundee, May 2020