Combined GWAS of metaformin glycaemic reponse in 1372 GoDARTS patients



This dataset includes the GWAS screening results that were used to the supplementary Figure 1 in the paper “Variation in the Glucose Transporter gene SLC2A2 is associated with glycaemic response to metformin” by Zhou et al. in Nature Genetics.

Brief descriptions of the 12 columns in this file are in the following table.
Column Descriptions
SNP SNP identifier
CHR Chromosome
BP Base pair (NCBI build 36)
EFFECT_ALLELE The effect allele
NMISS Number of subjects in the analyses
OR Odds ratio in the logistic regression, achieving treatment target as cases
STAT_logistic Test statistics from logistic regression
P_logistic P values from logistic regression
BETA Beta from linear regression of HbA1c reduction
STAT_linear Test statistics from linear regression
P_linear P values from linear regression
P_combined Combined p values from linear and logistic regression

The P_combined is derived from a geometric mean of P_logistic and P_linear given that the effect allele’s impact on glycaemic response were consistent between the linear and logistic regression models (STAT_logistic and STAT_linear). Missing values of P_combined are due to the discrepant impact in the two models.
Date made available7 Oct 2016
PublisherUniversity of Dundee
  • Variation in the Glucose Transporter gene SLC2A2 is associated with glycaemic response to metformin

    Zhou, K., Yee, S. W., Seiser, E. L., van Leeuwen, N., Tavendale, R., Bennett, A. J., Groves, C. J., Coleman, R. L., van der Heijden, A. A., Beulens, J. W., de Keyser, C. E., Zaharenko, L., Rotroff, D. M., Out, M., Jablonski, K. A., Chen, L., Javorský, M., Židzik, J., Levin, A. M., Williams, L. K., & 29 othersDujic, T., Semiz, S., Kubo, M., Chien, H-C., Maeda, S., Witte, J. S., Wu, L., Tkáč, I., Kooy, A., van Schaik, R. H. N., Stehouwer, C. D. A., Logie, L., Sutherland, C., Klovins, J., Pirags, V., Hofman, A., Stricker, B. H., Motsinger-Reif, A. A., Wagner, M. J., Innocenti, F., Hart, L. M. ., Holman, R. R., McCarthy, M. I., Hedderson, M. M., Palmer, C. N. A., Florez, J. C., Giacomini, K. M., Pearson, E. R. & MetGen Investigators, Sept 2016, In: Nature Genetics. 48, 9, p. 1055-1059 5 p.

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