Consent and Inclusion of care home residents: Additional research materials, analysis and results



This site contains information on the gathering of data (2016-17) from the residents of care homes for older people in the U.K. The study created a novel visual game activity to enhance engagement with residents, and a redesigned ethical consenting approach to be more accessible, equitable and inclusive.

Described are the tools used to develop a visual method of interacting with vulnerable people to better facilitate interviews with them. This includes the research materials, the original images, the process undertaken and lessons learned.

Included are:
1. 47 original images illustrating built environment and lifestyle representations.
2. The 39 images used in the final study and the 13 sets under which the images for the final study were categorised.
3. Two versions of a journey map, the researcher’s original sketch and a second professionally produced colour version.
3a) The colour map was the first iteration of key themes considered important for a comfortable care home life.
3b) The journey idea became the framework for the common sequence of topics for the activity.
4. The design of a more accessible ethical consenting process including the resulting information card and the consenting form.
5. A series of charts to illustrate the development and process of thematic analysis prior to and including the final themes. This includes affinity mapping and the iteration of various code charts.
6. A categorisation the findings of residents’ overall reactions to topics and images.
7. A paper documenting stages of research method and links to objects
8. A Folder Tree illustrating the hierarchy of folders, files and document types
Date made availableSept 2019
PublisherUniversity of Dundee
Date of data production2016 - 2017

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