Dundee ADHD continuing care proforma (revised)



These are two proforma (one for males the other for females) that facilitate the recording of clinical information about the ongoing clinical status of children and adolescents receiving treatment for ADHD. Whilst the Dundee ADHD care pathway has recorded similar clinical information in a standardised way for the last 10 years the previous clinical records required a new document for each clinic visit. This made it more difficult to assess the development of clinical response over time and increased the time required by clinicians to make evidence based treatment decisions. These revised proforma allow the clinician to view the information from up to 12 clinic visits at the same time and therefore simplify the clinical task and improving clinical care. The proforma were designed as a part of a collaboration between graphic and product designers and clinicians that was made possible through the wider ADHD Behavioural Clinical Data (ABCD) data visualisation collaboration funded through and award from the University of Dundee.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Dundee
Date of data production15 Jun 2015

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