Media content created for Museums without Walls: An interactive resource exploring connections between Orkney and the Hudson's Bay Company

  • Alice Watterson (Creator)
  • John Anderson (Creator)
  • Rany Bechara (Creator)
  • Janette Park (Creator)
  • Siobahn Cooke-Miller (Creator)
  • Katy Firth (Stromness Museum) (Creator)
  • Norna Sinclair (Creator)
  • Rebecca Marr (Creator)
  • Krista Ulujuk Zawadski (Creator)
  • Jan Peter Laurens Loovers (University of Aberdeen) (Creator)
  • Lise Bos (University of Aberdeen) (Creator)
  • Morag Blance (Contributor)
  • Cynthia Boehm (Contributor)
  • Robert Comeau (Contributor)
  • Rachel Erickson (Contributor)
  • Justine Erickson (Contributor)
  • Ashlyn Erickson (Contributor)
  • Willie Ermine (Contributor)
  • Kim Foden (Contributor)
  • Kenn Harper (Contributor)
  • Jennine Krauchi (Contributor)
  • Tom Muir (Contributor)
  • Manitok Thompson (Contributor)



During the summer of 2021 the Stromness Museum together with the University of Dundee launched a pilot project to explore around 80 objects in their collections relating to Orkney’s history with the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada. Our aim was to design an interactive online resource which brought together 3D scans and photographs of the museum’s collections together with insights and stories from different perspectives, including Orcadian, Cree, Métis and Inuit voices. What resulted was a compelling and diverse variety of material offering fresh insights and contemporary connections to this complex period of shared history. 

The resource is freely available online and as a touchscreen exhibit inside the Stromness Museum in Orkney.

Data and file overview

The archived material consists of 3D scanned objects from the Museum’s collections in .glb format; photographs of objects and family photographs relating to personal accounts featured in the resource; soundbites from various people interviewed for the resource about their family heritage and the Hudson’s Bay Company; curator written blurbs; and artwork relating to the resource interface.

Sharing and access information

The material (with the exception of a walk-through screen capture video) is not publicly accessible for download and re-use without requested consent. This is because much of the materials concern Indigenous objects, stories and imagery and we do not wish for this to be re-used elsewhere without prior consent from the individuals represented. All material is available to view (but not download and re-use) on the Stromness Museum’s website: (

Methodological information

Our approach for generating material as part of this project followed a collaborative co-curation methodology which facilitated curation of the resource to be led by the contributions and engagements of the individuals and communities we worked with.

The content maps and walk-through screen capture video are made available under a CC-BY-NC license, for full details of this license copy and paste the following link into your browser,
Date made available2023
PublisherUniversity of Dundee

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