Udgård 2021 Raw Dataset



The Leverhulme Research Centre for forensic science (LRCFS) at the University of Dundee has had several ongoing projects (collectively known by the project name Bruin) in the area of digital documentation of simulated crime scenes, particularly focusing on the 'art of the possible' using Virtual Reality as technology tools for facilitating this.
LRCFS and NKC always welcome collaborations and look forward to positive discussions on how we can work together in partnership in this emerging area. Our collaboration led to the documentation of (training) fire scenes during the spring of 2019 exploring how we could create virtual reality representations of those scenes.
Those early results developed our understanding of the level of refinement of photography that was needed to capture these challenging scenes fully so that an accurate virtual reality render could be produced.
LRCFS developed a standard operating procedure for scene capture (known as the GT protocol) which was piloted in the collection of the Udgård data. The Udgård project also enabled a range of other photographic and scanning techniques to be used to capture the same scenes across three phases; Alpha (prior to crime scene staging); Beta (pre fire crime scene) and Gamma (post fire crime scene). The scenes were full scale residential properties labelled Elle, Lage and Huge.
The data were updated 2022_08_30 as follows. Added computer samples recovered from NKC at the scene. Added BLK2GO Checksums. Duplicates removed. Described in ReadMe version 1.02 and made available 2022_09_01
The collaboration between LRCFS and NKC has successfully generated virtual reality representations of the photographed scenes, to be used as both investigative and training tools.
Both LRCFS and NKC have agreed that these co-created training and research materials produced during the crime scene exercises and live burns will be shared and that both organisations will use the outcomes for education and training (including revenue-generating courses for both organisations) and the generation of outputs by both organisations that may have exploitable commercialisation potential.
All Udgård partners can access a downloadable database with the results from Udgård, such as LIDAR, Matterport, still photographs, videos, 360 photographs and outcomes from measurements.
Every organisation that accepts a copy of the Udgård database, agrees to:
• refer to the Udgård project and use its DOI each time they use the database,
• (if accessed between September 2021 and September 2022) attend to a follow up meeting in September 2022 (Invitation will come from NKC) and share with the rest of the group their:
▪ experience and reflections.
▪ examples of how the Udgård database has been used.
▪ perspectives and spin-off projects that have developed from the Udgård experience.

Keywords: Forensic Science, Virtual Reality, Crime Scene Investigation, Blood Pattern, Homicide, Fire, Fire Arms.

This data is made available on request to Discovery@dundee.ac.uk

We are aware of a temporary problem concerning download of folders which means that, for the time being, you may need to individually download each zip file.
Date made availableNov 2021
PublisherUniversity of Dundee
Date of data production5 Sep 2021 - 10 Sep 2021
Geographical coverageDenmark

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