School of Dentistry

  • United Kingdom


Academic Advisor to British Association of Forensic Odontology

Scheila Manica (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Election to learned society

CAPES Awards thesis

Andrea Rodriguez (Recipient), 2012

Prize: Other distinction

Cara Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Lamis Abuhaloob (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Appointment

Certificate of Recognition - 2020 Stephen Fry Award

Andrea Rodriguez (Recipient), 10 Jan 2020

Prize: Other distinction

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Pump-Priming Awards

Lamis Abuhaloob (Recipient) & Ruth Freeman (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

Keith Woods Memorial Prize

Albert Yeung (Recipient), Emma Coles (Recipient), Anne Moore (Recipient), Celia Watt (Recipient) & Ruth Freeman (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

The Ian Stevenson Award for Excellence in Public Engagement

Ruth Freeman (Recipient), 26 Feb 2015

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

Visiting professorship at the University of Turin

Scheila Manica (Recipient), 2019

Prize: National/international honour