Appointed by the Magna Carta Trust, Patron HM Queen, Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee, to Chair the Magna Carta 800th committee for New Zealand, 2014-5

Prize: Appointment


•Appointed by UK Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Committee, grant from Magna Carta Trust, Patron HM The Queen
•Worked with Attorney-General, museums, parliament, librarians, lawyers and academics from history/law/politics to promote public discussion of law and rights in NZ.
•Achievements included a range of events including exhibitions, cathedral services, conferences, lectures, talks, parliamentary reception and essay prize, medieval faire, lighting of Auckland War Museum and a p Public Lecture series which attracted 70% audience from outside academia.
•Engaged the public online; highlights include a Facebook reach of up to 10569 people per post, Tweet impressions totalling 26111 and 764 hits on the Committee's YouTube videos; online resource received over 20,000 views

Granting Organisations