The Brian Cox Prize for Excellence in Public Engagement with Research: Engaged Researcher of the Year

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Engaged Researcher of the Year went to Miratul Muqit from the MRCPPU and collaborator, artist Daksha Patel for the interconnected art/science projects “Rhythmic Marks” and “Misprints”. Rhythmic Marks was an artist workshop with a small group of people with Parkinson’s, aimed at supporting their creative self-expression using materials and art processes specifically designed for people with impaired fine motor skills. The panel were impressed with the involvement of Parkinson's patients and their positive response to the activities. Misprints involved an artist residency for Daksha in Miratul’s lab which allowed her to generate artworks inspired by her time in the MRCPPU. An interactive exhibition and event in which research scientists engaged in dialogue with the general public about Parkinson’s research was facilitated by those artworks.
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