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Aref#d: 22219. EDOCAL: Early Detection of Cancer Using Photonic Crystal Lasers

Moseley, H. & Woods, J.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Aref#d: 22323. 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey

Nuttall, N. & Pitts, N.

Office for National Statistics


Project: Research

Aref#d: 22450. Capital Award in Biomedical Science - The Centre for Molecular Medicine (CMM)

Colhoun, H., Leigh, I., Marshall, S., McLean, I., Morris, A., Panteleyev, A., Proby, C., Schweiger, S., Smith, F., South, A. & Sutherland, C.

Wellcome Trust


Project: Research

Aref#d: 22473. Identification of Novel Genes in Malignant Melanoma

Evans, A., Fleming, C., Leigh, I. & Proby, C.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Aref#d: 4394. Tayside Health Services Research Network

Brett, T., Coid, D., Florey, C., Precious, E. & Williams, F.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Arts & Health Literature Review

Baldacchino, J., Jindal-Snape, D., Kroll, T., Levy, S. & Morris, J.


Project: Research