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Gene Expression Profiling of C2orf20 Driven Tumourigenesis

South, A. & Watt, S.

Anonymous Trust


Project: Research

Photodynamic Therapy Posts Funded by Alfred Stewart Charitable Trust

Eadie, E., Eljamel, S. & Moseley, H.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Substance Misuse Information - Tayside (SUMIT)

Baldacchino, A., Guthrie, B., Kidd, B., Matthews, K., McCowan, C., McGilchrist, M., Montagna, C. & Petrie, D.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Dundee Cancer Research UK Centre (Core)

Connell, J., Leigh, I., Schembri, S. & Sullivan, F.

Cancer Research UK, NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Evaluation of the Active Families, Dundee Programme

Themessl-Huber, M.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research