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Aref#d: 21731. Annual Equipment Allocation 2008/09

Blow, J., Keyse, S., Lane, B., Lane, D., Leigh, I., Nathke, I., Perkins, N. & Wolf, R.

Cancer Research UK


Project: Research

High Risk Behaviours and Suicide

Kidd, B. & Matthews, K.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Cancer Research UK Centre

Leigh, I.

Cancer Research UK


Project: Research

Aref#d: 21567. Exploiting Tumour Suppressor Gene Pathways to Develop New Therapies for Cancer (Programme Grant)

Bourdon, J., Lain, S., Lane, D., Saville, M. & Warbrick, E.


Project: Research

Aref#d: 18657. Academic Fellowship

Wright, E.


Project: Research

Aref#d: 16124. IBIS II Clinical Trial

Thompson, A.

Queen Mary University of London


Project: Research

Aref#d: 17787. Doctoral Training Grant

Downes, P.

Project: Research