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Substance Misuse Information - Tayside (SUMIT)

Baldacchino, A., Guthrie, B., Kidd, B., Matthews, K., McCowan, C., McGilchrist, M., Montagna, C. & Petrie, D.

NHS Tayside


Project: Research

Signalling Pathways and Mechanisms Regulating Lymphocyte Adhesion

Fagerholm, S.


Project: Research

Scottish Diabetes Research Network Type 1 Diabetes Bioresource

Colhoun, H., Morris, A., Palmer, C., Pearson, E. & Petrie, J.


Project: Research

KTP: CT Based Project Management Tools & Systems and Information Mining

Arnott, J. & Ricketts, I.


Project: Research

KTP - Development of Dry Tubular Connections

Le, H.


Project: Research