110%: Solo exhibition Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

Michael Peter (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


110% comprises of sculpture, wall drawing, and trompe l'oeil drawings that refer to the slipperiness of symbols and the curious world of infographics. WORKPLACE is a contemporary art gallery founded in Gateshead in 2002, and with a gallery in Mayfair, London since 2013.  With the objective of working with artists to achieve critical acclaim, WORKPLACE has become an important and integral part of the UK’s cultural landscape through a respected programme of exhibitions, taking part in the leading international art fairs, and long-term partnerships with highly esteemed international artists and galleries. Growing out of an artist-led Northern English art scene, WORKPLACE aims to combine a progressive, countercultural spirit with an independent D.I.Y. attitude, connecting to a new generation of artists, collectors and curators worldwide. The exhibition included and ‘in conversation’ between me and Roger Malbert (Head of Hayward Touring) which explored themes in the show and our shared interest in illustration practice.

A solo exhibition of new work. From the press release: ‘Peter’s work transforms imagery usually associated with illustration and design into knotty and playful installations, objects and drawings. Using tricks of scale and dimensionality he brings apposite ideas and images together to generate something that is structurally self-regarding whilst also recognisably figurative and amusingly satirical. Central to the exhibition are five new sculptures in which amused, confused or dismayed versions of his figures try to deconstruct and remake a percentage symbol, the different quantities of red and yellow used to ‘fill’ each figure during the casting process in each work hints at another visual reference to value. Alongside the sculptures are a group of new trompe l’oeil drawings of a wall apparently layered with frayed fly posters that contain the same characters. Framing the entire exhibition is a wall drawing throughout the gallery space that references gloomy financial forecasts through dysfunctional graphs and text. In form and content, the objects and images in 110% are figurative-abstraction that Peter has developed by drawing after drawing after drawing’.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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