A deep modular RNN approach for ethos mining

Rory Duthie (Lead / Corresponding author), Katarzyna Budzynska

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Automatically recognising and extracting the reasoning expressed in natural language text is extremely demanding and only very recently has there been significant headway. While such argument mining focuses on logos (the content of what is said) evidence has demonstrated that using ethos (the character of the speaker) can sometimes be an even more powerful tool of influence. We study the UK parliamentary debates which furnish a rich source of ethos with linguistic material signalling the ethotic relationships between politicians. We then develop a novel deep modular recurrent neural network, DMRNN, approach and employ proven methods from argument mining and sentiment analysis to create an ethos mining pipeline. Annotation of ethotic statements is reliable and its extraction is robust (macro-F1 = 0.83), while annotation of polarity is perfect and its extraction is solid (macro-F1 = 0.84). By exploring correspondences between ethos in political discourse and major events in the political landscape through ethos analytics, we uncover tantalising evidence that identifying expressions of positive and negative ethotic sentiment is a powerful instrument for understanding the dynamics of governments.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2018
EditorsJérôme Lang
PublisherInternational Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
Number of pages7
ISBN (Electronic)9780999241127
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2018 - Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 13 Jul 201819 Jul 2018


Conference27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2018


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis and Text Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Computational Models of Argument

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