A paired comparison of nerve dimensions using B-Mode ultrasound and shear wave elastography during regional anaesthesia

Heather Lockwood, Graeme A. McLeod (Lead / Corresponding author)

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Introduction: Shear wave elastography (SWE) presents nerves in colour, but the dimensions of its colour maps have not been validated with paired B-Mode nerve images. Our primary objective was to define the bias and limits of agreement of SWE with B-Mode nerve diameter. Our secondary objectives were to compare nerve area and shape, and provide a clinical standard for future application of new colour imaging technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

Materials and Methods: Eleven combined ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks were conducted using a dual-mode transducer. Two raters outlined nerve margins on 110 paired B-Mode and SWE images every second for 20 s before and during injection. Bias and limits of agreement were plotted on Bland-Altman plots. We hypothesized that the bias of nerve diameter would be <2.5% and that the percent limits of agreement would lie ±0.67% (2 SD) of the bias.

Results: There was no difference in the bias (95% confidence interval (CI) limits of agreement) of nerve diameter measurement, 0.01 (−0.14 to 0.16) cm, P = 0.85, equivalent to a 1.4% (−56.6% to 59.5) % difference. The bias and limits of agreement were 0.03 (−0.08 to 0.15) cm 2, P = 0.54 for cross-sectional nerve area; and 0.02 (−0.03 to 0.07), P = 0.45 for shape. Reliability (ICC) between raters was 0.96 (0.94–0.98) for B-Mode nerve area and 0.91 (0.83–0.95) for SWE nerve area. 

Conclusions: Nerve diameter measurement from B-Mode and SWE images fell within a priori measures of bias and limits of agreement.

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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2022


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