A Prototype SpaceVPX Lite (VITA 78.1) System using SpaceFibre for Data and Control Planes

Stephen Parkes (Lead / Corresponding author), Albert Ferrer Florit (Lead / Corresponding author), Alberto Gonzalez-Villafranca (Lead / Corresponding author), Christopher McClements (Lead / Corresponding author), Ashish Srivastava (Lead / Corresponding author)

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SpaceVPX (VITA78.0) is a new development in the area of standard backplanes for spacecraft applications, which addresses the key issue of fault tolerance. SpaceVPXLite (VITA78.1) is a derivative of SpaceVPX which is aimed at small size. SpaceFibre is the next generation of the widely used SpaceWire on-board network technology. SpaceFibre runs at multi-Gbits/s over both electrical and fibre-optic cables. SpaceFibre is capable of fulfilling a wide range of spacecraft on-board communications applications because of its inbuilt quality of service (QoS) and fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) capabilities. SpaceFibre is being incorporated in the SpaceVPXLite standard as a protocol for sending information over a backplane. STAR-Dundee is developing a demonstration system of SpaceFibre in SpaceVPXLite, using the Microsemi RTG4 radiation tolerant FPGA. This demonstration system is being used as the engineering model of a UK THz radiometer instrument processing unit.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2017 IEEE Aerospeace Conference
Place of PublicationUnited States
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Number of pages9
ISBN (Electronic)978150901613617
ISBN (Print)9781509016143
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jun 2017
Event2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference - Yellowstone Conference Center, Big Sky, United States
Duration: 4 Mar 201711 Mar 2017


Conference2017 IEEE Aerospace Conference
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityBig Sky
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  • SpaceWire
  • SpaceFibre
  • Network
  • SpaceVPX
  • VITA
  • Spacecraft On-board Data-Handling
  • FPGA
  • RTG4
  • Radiation Telerant
  • Quality of Service
  • FDIR
  • Next Generation Interconnect


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