A role for Cyp2d6 in nicotine metabolism?

Gillian Smith, Christoph Sachse

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    Nicotine is known to be metabolised to its major metabolite cotinine by members of the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase superfamily. Although CYP2A6 has now been identified as the principal enzyme which catalyses this biotransformation, CYP2D6 is also an active nicotine C-oxidase. Some 8% of the Caucasian population have reduced or absent CYP2A6 activity; CYP2D6 may play a significant role in nicotine metabolism in these individuals. CYP2D6 is highly polymorphic - a number of studies linking CYP2D6 genotype to smoking behaviour have now been published. CYP2D6 may have an important constitutive function in neurotransmitter metabolism and CYP2D6 genotype is thought to be a critical determinant in the success of antidepressant drug treatment.

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    Publication statusPublished - 2001


    • Addiction
    • CYP2D6
    • Cytochrome P450
    • Genetic polymorphism
    • Nicotine
    • Smoking behaviour

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