Acute pain pathways: protocol for a prospective cohort study

Molly Moore Jeffery (Lead / Corresponding author), Mitra Ahadpour, Summer Allen, Richardae Araojo, Fernanda Bellolio, Nancy Chang, Laura Ciaccio, Lindsay Emanuel, Jonathan Fillmore, Gregg H. Gilbert, Patricia Koussis, Christine Lee, Heather Lipkind, Celeste Mallama, Tamra Meyer, Megan Moncur, Teryl Nuckols, Michael A. Pacanowski, David B. Page, Elektra PapadopoulosJessica D. Ritchie, Joseph S. Ross, Nilay D. Shah, Mat Soukup, Christopher O. St Clair, Stephen Tamang, Sam Torbati, Douglas W. Wallace, Yueqin Zhao, Rebekah Heckmann

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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